Dr. Barbara Sturm V Wash, 200ml

  • Imported
  • Pre- and Probiotics maintain the intimate microflora and supports the skin barrier function
  • Lactic Acid supports the microbiome of intimate skin and helps to retain moisture
  • Panthenol soothes the skin
  • Glycerine moisturizes and calms the skin
  • 50ml

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Dr. Barbara Sturm V wash gently cleanses the intimate area.Pamper your wife with a thoughtful and intimate skincare gift that prioritizes her well-being. This formulated cleanser is designed to maintain the delicate pH balance of her most intimate area.

This product  features a gentle yet effective blend of active ingredients that cleanse and soothe, leaving her feeling refreshed and comfortable. It helps to promote a healthy and balanced intimate environment, ensuring her confidence and overall well-being.

With its mild and non-irritating formula, the V Wash is suitable for daily use. It provides a gentle cleanse without causing any dryness or discomfort.

This luxurious V Wash offers more than just cleansing. Its indulgent texture and subtle fragrance elevate her self-care experience, making her feel pampered and special. The carefully selected ingredients work harmoniously to provide gentle care while maintaining the natural balance of her intimate area.

By gifting her the Dr. Barbara Sturm V Wash, you’re not only showing your love and consideration but also promoting her overall comfort and confidence. This thoughtful gift demonstrates your commitment to her well-being and happiness.

Treat your wife to the Dr. Barbara Sturm V Wash, and she will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this exceptional gift. With its gentle and effective cleansing properties, it will help her maintain freshness and comfort throughout the day. Show her how much you care by prioritizing her intimate care routine with the luxurious Dr. Barbara Sturm V Wash.


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